Murphy_himself5Artists Residence

Domaine des Jasses has been the home of artist, Anthony Murphy, for twenty-two years. He is often away in England and Ireland putting on exhibitions but keeps his studio in the wing. See photo below.

For the curious you can visit his website on There can be little doubt that Domaine des Jasses has helped the artist at every level and he is happy to share this with others.

The wall colours inside were all mixed by the artist. There are frescoes and decorations throughout the house (see photo Kitchen Entrance Arch below). Outside too, by the pool’s edge, the artist has created a mosaic of an octopus from a design on a Cretan pot 3500 years old.

As well as painting Anthony has collected the works of other artists from the Renaissance through to his contemporaries and friends.

See photos below of Izzy Blow by Lucy Birley and Abstract by Tim Woolcock.