Domain Des Jasses view at Dusk

Domain Des Jasses view at Dusk

Domaine Des Jasses is a Natura 2000 park that is an EU scheduled conservation area of outstanding beauty.

The grounds, including gardens, surrounding fields and wood, comprise 28 acres in total. The meadows hold many rare orchids.

The Chateau de Montségur is visible from the house,  sitting on its pogue in the foothills of the Pyrenees. It was here that the auto-da-fé and climax of the Cathar wars took place.

The domaine is double aspect throughout. Look out of one window and you can see for a hundred miles; look out of the window opposite and you can see for a further forty miles. There is a forest of Ilex ( evergreen oak ) brought here by the Romans. About a mile away you can see one other house, otherwise one is quite alone apart from the eagles, boar and deer.

Carcassonne airport is 20 minutes away and Toulouse Blagnac an hour.

Bicycles, ping pong table, backgammon and bar football are available. Municipal tennis courts are ten minutes away.